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Students with special needs

The Faculty of Government and European Studies enables students with special needs suitable adjustments of the study process that assure their equal participation and integration into all procedures at the faculty. Thus, the faculty is responsible to provide equal rights and access to information available to the public.

Students with special needs at the Faculty of Government and European Studies are in accordance with the Rules of studies of the Faculty of Government and European Studies entitled to special benefits. The latter defines terms for granting a status of a student with special needs and common rights and adjustments of the study process. In order to enforce the rights arising from the mentioned Rules, the students must submit an application to the Commission for Student Affairs at the Faculty of Government and European Studies.

Criteria for implementing student-athlete status

The candidates who may apply for special education conditions under the student-athlete status are:

  • categorised athletes;
  • students who were officially nominated as a team coach or an individual categorised athlete by a specific national sports federation.

The athlete student status lasts one academic year with the possibility of extension. 

Criteria for implementation artist/cultural worker student status

The candidate who may enforce rights under the artist/cultural worker student status are:

  • a member of a national or international society or federation of societies in the field of art;
  • a student with a certificate of cultural worker status;
  • a student with publicly recognised artwork.

The candidate who enforces the recognition of an artist/cultural worker status based on publicly recognised artwork must submit a curriculum vitae and a list of performed works divided by years regarding the activity he is engaged in.

Criteria for implementing a special needs student status

Categories of candidates that may enforce special conditions of education under special needs student status are persons with special needs. In accordance with the Act that regulates placement of children with special needs are students with special needs under these Rules:

  • blind and visually impaired students,
  • deaf and hearing impaired students,
  • students with speech and linguistic impairments,
  • physically disabled students,
  • students with long-term illnesses,
  • students with deficits in individual fields of learning and
  • students with emotional and behavioural disorders.



Brdo Estate

The Brdo Estate near Kranj today represents a unique study of history, culture, architecture and nature thanks to 500 years of uninterrupted development. Many of the park's trails lead visitors past buildings from various historical times. It is situated only 10 kilometers away from Ljubljana airport, 35 kilometers away from Ljubljana, Slovenian capital city, and 30 kilometers away from Bled.

bredo estate

Source: gogorenjska.com

Brdo Castle

The Brdo Castle is renaissance chateau, built in 16th Century. It is characterized by four dominant corner towers and it presented as home for many prominent people of previous times. Today, Brdo Castle is the most important diplomatic protocol building in Republic of Slovenia. Through its history, it hosted presidents, kings, and diplomats from all over the world.


Source: brdo.si

Park Brdo

Part of the Brdo Estate is also Brdo Park, which represents, with its forests and flawless meadows, excellent place to relax in nature. Lakes, walking paths and meadows are hidden between avenues and are completely displaced from everyday bustle. Take a stroll around the park and discover beehive, water lilies, precious collection of sculptures, and so much more.



Source: kraji.eu

In Brdo there are a congress centre, golf course, a hotel with a restaurant, conference halls, meeting rooms and a small wellness.

The GSG library

The GSG library carries out library activity for the requirements of the faculty’s teaching and research. It is intended for students of the GSG, higher education teachers, higher education associates, scientific workers and external associates.

In this framework it carries out the following tasks:

  • obtains, processes, stores and provides library material for the purposes of studying and professional work in the fields of education and research that is carried out at the faculty;
  • obtains, forwards and access to bibliographical and other informational products and services necessary for the work of higher education teachers, higher education associates and scientific workers at the faculty;
  • introduces the students to searching for information and library material necessary for the study process;
  • collaborates on the coordination of purchasing material;
  • carries out an inter-library exchange of material with other libraries;
  • carries out other work that is determined by the law on librarianship and the operating of libraries and the GSG library rules of procedure.