Research Group

In 2010, the research group of the Faculty and European Studies was registered at the Slovenian Research Agency (no. 8554).

The research group conducts scientific research as an independent organisational unit of the faculty, which means that the faculty’s research activities are organisationally and professionally independent from its other activities. The research group conducts fundamental, applied, development and other research projects and provides professional, consulting and other services, mainly as part of the national research programme. The group’s work is primarily focused on the fields of administrative and organisational science, law, the humanities and political and business science. The group plans to focus its research activities in the area of the humanities on practical ethics, especially ethics in public administration and ethics in public life. As part of their activities in this area, they will prepare and propose a research project and prepare a textbook on ethics in public administration.

The group is led by Assoc. Prof. Matej Avbelj, PhD, and its members comprise Assoc. Prof. Janez Čebulj, PhD, Prof. Milan Jazbec, PhD, Assist. Prof. Gorazd Justinek, PhD, Assist. Prof. Jernej Letnar Černič, PhD, Assist. Prof. Breda Mulec, PhD, Assist. Prof. Jernej Podlipnik, PhD, and Assist. Prof. Vojko Strahovnik, PhD. The members of the research group plan to actively participate in scientific meetings, workshops and projects that will bring together Slovenian as well as international scientific institutions. They will also carry out independent research and work in their respective scientific fields and publish independent scientific and professional articles. External associates with an appropriate research title as well as other individuals without an appropriate title who are experts in relevant fields may also participate in the group’s research work.

Every year, in addition to submitting proposals for calls and participating in ongoing projects, the research group co-organises a scientific conference on legal theory (autumn) as well as an international doctoral conference. A scientific and academic forum has also been formed where the members of the research group will present the results of their research in collaboration with the members of the academic assembly.