Governing Board

The Governing Board is the school's decision-making body. In addition to performing its duties in accordance with the law, the Governing Board decides on matters of a material nature and ensures the smooth operation of the school in accordance with the statute. The Governing Board adopts the statute and other acts of the school. The Governing Board appoints the dean, the director, associate deans and heads of the school's organisational units.

The Governing Board comprises two founding members. One of the two members serves as the President of the Governing Board and the other as the Deputy President of the Governing Board.

The founders take turns in proposing qualified persons to the Governing Board for appointment as dean, director or associate dean one (1) month prior to the expiry of the term of office of one (1) year.

If a founding member does not hold the office of dean or associate dean, they may propose another qualified person for appointment as dean or associate dean to the Governing Board.

Members of the Governing Board

Prof. Peter Jambrek, PhD, President and Member

Olga Jambrek, MSc, Deputy President and Member