Znanstvena monografija: Corporate Accountability funder Socio-Ecnomic Rights

Obveščamo vas, da je pri ugledni britanski založbi Routledge je izšla nova znanstvena monografija Jerneja Letnarja Černiča z naslovom : Corporate Accountability funder Socio-Ecnomic Rights.

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Corporate Accountability under Socio-Economic Rights (Hardback) book cover


Znanstveni članek: The European Court of Human Rights in the States of the Former Yugoslavia

Jernej Letnar Černič je objavil nov znanstveni članek : The European Court of Human Rights in the States of the Former Yugoslavia, East European Yearbook on Human Rights (1), 1, str. 32-54. Več si preberite na tej povezavi. 

Povzetek članka:

The countries of the former Yugoslavia have in past decades failed to fully meet both the challenges of the socio-economic environment and of the full-fledged functioning of the rule of law and the protection of human rights. Their development was in the first decade halted by the inter-ethnic wars, while in the second decade their institutions have been hijacked by various populist interest groups. All the countries of the former Yugoslavia have been so far facing a constant crisis of liberal democratic institutions of the modern state, based on the rule of law. Only a small number of them have decided to accept effective measures to break away from such crises. In order to present the problems of the newly established democracies in the former Yugoslavia, this article presents and analyses the contributions of the European Court of Human Rights to establishing the rule of law and effective human rights protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. In the closing part of the article, conclusions are drawn on how those countries should proceed to internalize the values of human rights protections in liberal democracies.